ERAU Prescott Observatory

Distributed Array Radio Telescope (DART)

DART consists of 48 dual-polarization dipole antennas optimized for the 80-300 MHz frequency range, arranged as 3 "tiles", each tile a 4x4 array of dipoles.

The array has no moving parts, and all telescope functions including pointing are performed by electronic manipulation of dipole signals. Each tile performs an analog beamforming operation, narrowing the field of view to a fully steerable above 30 degrees.

DART Tile DART Tile Locations



The Science

  • Provide a state of the art radio telescope that will support ERAU’s Astronomy, Space Physics and Technical Intelligence fields of study.
  • Provide integration of real-time astrophysics data into classroom instruction and labs.
  • Allow students to steer the telescope to observe astronomical objects from their own computers.
  • Support GSIS and engineering students in analyzing space and terrestrial communications signals
All Sky Scan
All sky observation at 234 MHz

Future Science