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Radio Jove

The Radio JOVE project is a hands-on inquiry-based educational project that allows students and teachers to learn participate in radio astronomy by building their own radio telescope from an inexpensive kit.  Radio JOVE students and amateur scientists observe and analyze natural radio emissions of Jupiter, the Sun, and our galaxy. Participants also collaborate with each other through the Internet.

The Radio JOVE project began in 1998. Since then, more than 1,100 teams of students and interested individuals have purchased inexpensive radio telescope kits and are learning radio astronomy by building and operating a radio telescope.
Radio JOVE Receiver
Radio JOVE Receiver
The Radio JOVE is a NASA designed narrowband noise receiver designed for operation at 20 MHz +/- 150 KHz. The receiver does not have any demodulation or automatic gain control to allow it to pick up very low intensity noise bursts from Jupiter. It is also a very good receiver for monitoring solar storm activity. The receiver has an audio output that allows operation of special software to capture, record and archive data runs.

Sounds From The Universe
Solar Burst Solar Burst Noise Solar Burst Jupiter L-Bursts Solar Burst Jupiter S-Bursts

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